Adventure-Based Life

Though fortunate to be an equestrian from the age of four, Erin Teigen loves adventure beyond the farm. She brings her passion for the outdoors and thrilling experiences to all her pursuit, professional and personal. She looks forward to merging her interests and skills to delivering adventure-based therapy featuring equine-assisted work at the emerging Elevation Ranch.

Cessna ET.jpg


Summiting the highest peak in the Rockies, Erin thrives on reaching new heights and capturing beautiful vistas

Archery ET dress.jpg


Traditional archery and compound bows are in Erin's arsenal for precision shots on target



Exploring reefs and swimming with sea life, Erin is certified as an open water diver through PADI

Sporting Clays

Shooting sporting clays challenges coordination, patience and reflexes from "pull" to "bang" 

Cessna ET.jpg


Whether training in a Cessna 172 or doing aileron rolls in a Yak-52, Erin loves to fly and is earning her pilot's license


From kayaking to standup paddleboarding, the water offers serenity and bounties of fresh seafood