Newly Designated as Certified Equine Interaction Professional: Education

We are pleased to share that Elevation Equitation executive director, Erin Teigen, is now recognized as a Certified Equine Interaction Professional: Education (CEIP-E) through the Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals (CBEIP)! The CEIP-E credential indicates verification of extensive professional experience and independent assessment of knowledge in the field of equine interaction services. The certification is currently the highest level of competency assessment offered for equine interaction professionals in the U.S. and Canada.

The CBEIP is recognized as an independent, not-for-profit certification organization, for equine interaction professionals in the fields of mental health and learning who seek voluntary, national certification. This comprehensive, Board certification acknowledges the professional identity, commitment, and knowledge of equine interaction professionals by endorsing safety and value for qualified educators, mental health counselors, psychotherapists, and equine colleagues. The CBEIP does not represent a specific method or approach to equine interaction work, and does not offer training.

To earn this certification, Erin passed a rigorous national examination and submitted a portfolio demonstrating equine experience, client work and education, including:

  • At least 1000 hours of Documented Delivery of Education Services Incorporating Horses

  • At least three years of Professional Service Experience in the Field of Human Education

  • At least 100 hours total of Documented Education and Training in Direct Facilitation Training in Equine Interaction Work and Formal Training in Equine Behavior/Horsemanship

  • At least 40 hours of Participation in Equine Interaction Training

With this new designation, Erin demonstrates dedication to providing quality client services by having obtained education, training and supervision in equine interaction services. She is pleased to be included in a professional community interested in high standards and transparency in the equine interaction field to provide high-quality client services.