therapeutic riding

Equine-Assisted Camp

As we all eagerly anticipate the arrival of summer, it’s got me thinking about camp! One of my favorite camps to facilitate is a week-long, equine-assisted camp to empower young women within the inclusive, farm environment. The group includes six girls from the ages of 7-17 with a range of emotional/cognitive/physical challenges. Working with horses optimizes opportunities for growth in confidence, social and communication skills development, and team building within this population of emerging young women.

Here are some highlights of the activities campers engage in together throughout the week on the inclusive farm!

Newly Designated as Certified Equine Interaction Professional: Education

We are pleased to share that Elevation Equitation executive director, Erin Teigen, is now recognized as a Certified Equine Interaction Professional: Education (CEIP-E) through the Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals (CBEIP)!​ The CEIP-E credential indicates verification of extensive professional experience and independent assessment of knowledge in the field of equine interaction services. The certification is currently the highest level of competency assessment offered for equine interaction professionals in the U.S. and Canada.

The Benefits of Therapeutic Horseback Riding

When you partner with a 1,000-pound horse, you gain incredible confidence to feel empowered in facing the challenges of your own life. Therapeutic horseback riding promotes horses as stewards to help broad populations of individuals with emotional, physical and/or cognitive challenges progress in their individualized equestrian goals and learn riding skills. Gaining independence with horses holistically translates into continued achievements in riders’ everyday lives. Working with horses may optimally encourage significant developments in confidence, strength and resiliency through mind-body integration.